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Lithnet.MetadirectoryServices Namespace
The Lithnet Metadirectory Services Utilities package is a .NET library containing extensions and utilities for writing code for the FIM sync engine The library contains various helper classes and extensions for objects in the Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices namespace, such as the CSEntryChange. It allows you to reduce code and introduces new functions, such as XML serialization of native metadirectory services objects. It can be used in any rules extension or ECMA2.2 project, along side the Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices component
Public classAnchorAttributeSerializable
Public classAttributeChangeExtentions
Contains extensions to the AttributeChange object
Public classAttributeChangeSerializable
Public classComparisonEngine
Provides methods for comparing values
Public classCSEntryChangeDeserializer
Contains methods for deserializing XML representations of CSEntryChange objects created by the CSEntryChangeSerializer class
Public classCSEntryChangeExtensions
Contains extensions to the CSEntryChange object
Public classCSEntryChangeQueue
Represents a queue of CSEntryChange objects that can be saved and loaded to a file
Public classCSEntryChangeResultSerializable
Public classCSEntryChangeSerializable
Public classCSEntryChangeSerializer
Contains methods for serializing CSEntryChange objects into XML. Objects serialized by this class can be deserialized with the CSEntryChangeDeserializer class
Public classGenericExtensions
Contains extensions for objects not directly related to MetadirectoryServices components, such as strings and DateTimes
Public classMmsSerializationSurrogate
Public classMmsUtils
Public classNotFoundException
Thrown when an expected object or value was not found
Public classSchemaAttributeSerializable
Public classSchemaExtensions
This class contains extensions to the MetadirectoryServices schema and related objects
Public classSchemaSerializable
Public classSchemaTypeSerializable
Public classTypeConverter
Converts data between types
Public classUnknownOrUnsupportedDataTypeException
Thrown when a data type is specified that is unknown or unsupported in the current context
Public classUnknownOrUnsupportedModificationTypeException
An exception that occurs when an unknown or unsupported modification type is used
Public classUnknownOrUnsupportedValueOperatorException
Thrown when the value operator used to compare a specified data type is unsupported
Public classValueChangeSerializable
Public enumerationExtendedAttributeType
A list of attribute types that extended from the standard Microsoft MetadirectoryServices Attribute Type enum
Public enumerationPresenceOperator
A list of possible presence comparison operators
Public enumerationValueOperator
A list of possible comparison operators